WWE Star Screams Kenny Omega’s NJPW Wrestling Kingdom Entrance Gear

Kenny Omega made his return to New Japan Pro Wrestling at Wrestle Kingdom 17, and he did it in style. The New IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion went to the ring to the tune of “One Winged Angel”. The menacing theme is the music that accompanies the boss battle of Sephiroth at the end of “Final Fantasy VII”. It is also the namesake of Omega’s finishing maneuver.

But, the music isn’t the only “Final Fantasy VII” nod from Omega Wrestle Kingdom’s entry, he also made his way to the ring decked out in a Sephiroth costume along with other imagery” Final Fantasy” accompanying it on the big screens and monitors that made it onto the Wrestle Kingdom stage. Omega’s outfit received praise on social media and particularly caught the eye of “WWE NXT” Half Tag Team Champions Xavier Woods.

The new day member caught on Twitter to praise Omega and costume designer Mikal Mosley for “building a bada** Sephiroth outfit” for Wrestle Kingdom. Omega in turn responded with facetious surprise at having received a compliment from Woods, before finally agreeing that Mosley is doing “an amazing job”.

The friendly rivalry between the two wrestlers dates back to 2015 and heated up when Woods and the rest of The New Day took on Omega and The Young Bucks in three matches of “Street Fighter V” at E3 in 2018. A recent chapter in their feud came with Omega stabbing Woods’ skin and the king of the ring crown in the “Fall Guys” video game, but not without Woods hitting back with intensity at Omega’s jab.

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