Prince Harry says he held back on Charles and William stories

Fight words. Prince Harry has enough material for another book and is only cutting samples to spare his family. The 38-year-old Californian royal told The Telegraph that the original transcription of his explosive memoir, ‘Spare’, was actually double the length of the final draft. And the edited parts were about his father, King Charles, and … Read more

Can Prince Harry reconcile with the royal family? Experts weigh in.

If there’s one person Prince Harry won’t sever ties with, it’s his therapist. In his tell-all new memoir, ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex describes his therapist as one of the few people truly in his corner. Harry writes that his therapist was the first person he called after a verbal argument with his older brother … Read more

Prince Harry says he fears one of William’s children will ‘end up like me, the spare’

Prince Harry fears one of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children could end up in the role of ‘standby’ royal family, according to a candid new interview with The Telegraph. “Although William and I have spoken about it once or twice, and he has made it very clear to me that his children are not … Read more

Opinion: Why Prince Harry is such a threat to a certain type of man

Editor’s note: Louis Staples is a London-based writer and cultural editor. His work has appeared in Slate, Vogue, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Wired and elsewhere. The opinions expressed here are his own. Read more reviews on CNN. CNN — A few days before the official publication of Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare”, on January 10, outrageous … Read more

Prince Harry’s ghostwriter defends ‘unintentional errors’ in his memoir

Prince Harry’s ghostwriter addresses differences between ‘memory and fact’ as mistakes in ‘Spare’ memoir make headlines. JR Moehringer caught on Twitter Wednesday to weed out “unintentional errors” with a quote from “The Art of Memoir” by Mary Karr. “The line between memory and fact is blurred, interpretation and fact,” the excerpt reads. “There are unintentional … Read more

Not having a “c–k cushion” led to a frozen penis

Prince Harry prepared for his visit to the North Pole by not having a “c–k cushion”. During his appearance on ‘The Late Show with Stephe Colbert’ on Tuesday, the Californian royal went into detail about his now infamous frozen penis. The Duke of Sussex has explained that he suffered a ‘freeze’ on his ‘todger’ after … Read more

Prince Harry questioned after Queen Mother mistake in ‘Spare’

Memories may vary. Prince Harry’s credibility is in question following an apparent error in his controversial memoir, ‘Spare’, about the death of his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth. In the book, the Duke of Sussex, 38, recalls the exact moment he was alerted that the late Queen Elizabeth II’s mother, Elizabeth the Queen Mother, had died in … Read more

Prince Harry says he believed mum Princess Diana was “in hiding” after her death in 1997

As the world watched the public mourning and funeral of Princess Diana after her shocking death in 1997, the Princess’s youngest son, then 12, Prince Harry, said he believed his mother n wasn’t dead. “I think for anyone, especially if you’re a kid, I was 12,” he said. “I refused to accept that was what … Read more

Prince Harry shares texts between Meghan and Kate Middleton on dresses

Prince Harry has revealed the fiery text messages sent between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle over the now infamous bridesmaids’ dresses. In his new memoir, ‘Spare’, released on January 10, the Duke of Sussex detailed the back and forth between his current wife and his sister-in-law over Princess Charlotte’s dress being ‘not good enough’ . … Read more

Prince Harry accuses Camilla of ‘dangerous’ media leaks

LONDON (AP) – Prince Harry accused his mother-in-law, Camilla, the Queen Consort, of leaking private conversations to the media to burnish his own reputation as he promotes a new book that uncovers his life story behind the walls From the palace. In interviews broadcast on Sunday and Monday, Harry accused the royals of ‘sleeping with … Read more