“No one wanted to continue playing the game”

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow has spoken about his views after Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin faced a medical emergency during their game on Monday.  (AP Photo/Aaron Doster)

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow thought it was important to let the Buffalo Bills know how his team felt after Damar Hamlin’s on-court emergency in Week 17. On Wednesday, Burrow explained how his team reacted after Hamlin left the game in an ambulance and why it was important to meet the Bills players at that time.

After Hamlin left the game, Burrow and the rest of the Bengals captains decided to meet with the Bills captains to discuss the situation. “Nobody wanted to keep playing the game,” Burrow said. The Bengals shared their thoughts with the captains of the Bills, who also did not want to enter the field.

Burrow added that he thought it was important for the Bengals to show their support for the Bills.

Burrow also delivered a powerful message to his teammates in the locker room, according to Bengals lineman DJ Reader.

Hamlin was taken to hospital in Cincinnati after suffering cardiac arrest on the field during Monday’s game. He received on-court CPR before being taken to the intensive care unit and showed “signs of improvement” on Tuesday and into Wednesday night, the Bills said. The game was eventually suspended.

The NFL has yet to announce whether the contest will be over. The league is working on several scenarios. The game could determine the playoff standings in the AFC.

Burrow was asked if the Bengals wanted to play a make-up game against the Bills and said he would defer to the Bills and whatever they wanted to do.

Burrow and the Bengals will face the Baltimore Ravens in Week 18 as scheduled. That game takes place at 1 p.m. ET Sunday in Cincinnati.

Bengals coach Zac Taylor also spoke on Wednesday. He sent support to Hamlin and his family and praised Bills coach Sean McDermott for his handling of the situation after Hamlin left the game on Monday.

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