Kayvon Thibodeaux: I don’t know who Jeff Saturday is, his words don’t affect me

NFL: JAN 01 Colts at Giants

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Giants rookie Kayvon Thibodeaux’s post-sack snow angels and his ‘lay down’ gesture as Nick Foles was injured in the second quarter last Sunday pissed off Colts center Ryan Kelly and head coach Jeff Saturday.

Kelly called Thibodeaux’s response ‘bullshit’ while Saturday called it ‘garbage’ and said he was disappointed no Colts player showed up to Thibodeaux as he celebrated on the field next to Foles. During a session with reporters in the Giants locker room on Wednesday, Thibodeaux said he wondered who the “gatekeeper” is in deciding the “narrative” on what is appropriate and members of the media pointed out what Saturday had said earlier this week.

“I do not know know who he is,” Thibodeaux said, via SNY. “Anyone who comments, unless I know who they are, it doesn’t really affect me.”

Thibodeaux was also asked if anyone from the Giants had spoken to him about handling things differently. After being asked what he would handle differently and being told about the celebration, Thibodeaux said no and that he would continue playing with “high emotion” and “high adrenaline”.

“What am I supposed to do now? Every time I fire a quarterback, stop and look and help him up? You don’t play the game for anyone to get hurt, but I play defense,” Thibodeaux said. “They brought me here to be a savage and take control of the game and impact the game. We preach impact on the game affects the quarterback. That’s what I’m here to do.

Thibodeaux provided the kind of impact on defense the Giants were looking for in the first round this year and there has been no sign from the team since the Colts game that they are unhappy with any other part of the game. package, so Thibodeaux has little reason to change anything before Week 18.

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