Hugh Jackman begs Oscar voters not to honor Ryan Reynolds before Deadpool 3

Oscar-nominated actor Hugh Jackman tends to maintain a playful presence on social media, posting videos of himself grunts, grunts and gasps. record movie audio for a scene as Wolverine, or practicing seated before the Met Gala. He’s also not shy about pretending to be pompous and competitive for a bit of comedy, like his duel-slash-duet with Neil Patrick Harris at the Tony Awards, where they argued over who’s the best host of awards. So his recent Instagram/Twitter post pleading with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences not to nominate Ryan Reynolds for an Oscar this year is very much in character.

Reynolds recently starred alongside Will Ferrell in the Apple TV Plus movie Fieryyet another of Charles Dickens’ endless seasonal revamps A Christmas Carol. When the Academy released its list of potential nominees for Best Original Song, the Fiery the number “Good Afternoon” was on this shortlist. Which prompted Jackman to ask the Academy not to vote for the song to advance to the nomination stage, as Jackman is about to film Dead Pool 3 with Reynolds, and he doesn’t want to hear her brag about it for a year.

We have known since last fall that Dead Pool 3 would bring back Jackman as Wolverine, the quick-healing, hot-tempered (and just short) superhero he’s played in nine different movies now. (And that Jackman and Reynolds promise the movie won’t pick up Wolverine’s death at the end of the fan-favorite 2017 film. Logan.) What we didn’t know was that Hugh Jackman was watching Reynolds Fieryand has personal opinions on what an Oscar nomination would do to Reynolds’ ego.

Surprisingly, Jackson didn’t come out against “Good Afternoon” for the most obvious reason that it’s the worst song ever. Fiery, an upbeat and catchy but also repetitive and empty song that tries to spin “Good afternoon!” in the new “Fuck you!” Naming this number for an Oscar is equivalent to South Park: bigger, longer and uncut earning “Blame Canada” a nomination for Best Song. Fiery has significantly better musical numbers, including Octavia Spencer’s “The View From Here” and Farrell’s equally moving “Unredeemable”, which Fiery gives the full treatment of the Broadway scene.

But no, Jackman claims (tongue in cheek, obviously) that he wants the Academy to give ‘Good Afternoon’ a pass because he might have to spend a year listening to Reynolds being ‘insufferable’ about it. on the Dead Pool 3 to pull. (Incidentally, in his post, he refers to the film as Wolverine and Deadpool, a title that had yet to be officially revealed.) “Trust me,” he said. “It would be impossible. That would be a problem… Please, please, from the bottom of my heart, don’t validate Ryan Reynolds in this way.

Nominations for the 95th Annual Academy Awards will be announced on January 24, by which time we’ll all have a better idea of ​​whether the year will be unbearable for Jackman because Reynolds will spend everything to rejoice in his nomination, or sulk his absence. nomination. Wolverine and Deadpoolor whatever its official name is, is currently scheduled for November 8, 2024.

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