Doctors Warn These Coffee Ingredients Could Harm Your Gut Health

On its own, and in moderation, a daily cup of coffee is usually not a cause for concern for your health. In fact, it may even help with weight loss and improved brain function, among other health benefits. However, the ingredients you add to your cup of coffee are another story. In fact, loading your cup with the wrong sweeteners could seriously harm your health over time, especially when it comes to your gut health.

To find out some of the worst coffee ingredients that could harm your digestive system, we spoke to health experts Lisa Richards, nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet, and Dr. Daryl Gioffrefamous nutritionist and founder of Alkamind. They told us that refined sugar and artificial sweeteners are two options you might want to consider cutting back on if you’re worried about your gut. Learn more below!


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Refined sugar

We’re guessing you’re not shocked to learn that refined sugar can be harmful to your health. But although health experts may sound like a broken record when they warn about the effects of sugar, it’s important that you remember the toll it can have on your body, especially if you start your morning with a sugar-laden coffee every day. daytime.

Along with the negatives you hear the most about, like diabetes and weight gain, sugar can also harm your gut health. Richards explains that refined white sugar is “highly inflammatory as well as a food source for bad gut bacteria.” And when these bad bacteria begin to multiply, they typically cause an overgrowth and imbalance in your gut microbiome, leading to “negative health effects in many areas of the body,” she says. For this reason, “synthetic or commercially manufactured sugar should be avoided whenever possible,” especially if you suffer from intestinal issues, want to reset your digestive system, or are simply trying to stay as healthy as possible.


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Artificial sweeteners

Unfortunately, while white sugar is definitely off limits when it comes to gut health, artificial sweeteners aren’t a healthy alternative. Richards says these options, like sucralose and aspartame, “can irritate the gut and cause dysbiosis in the gut microbiome.” Dysbiosis refers to that imbalance of gut bacteria we were talking about earlier β€” and it can cause serious damage to your overall health, including “gastrointestinal discomfort like gas, bloating, and worse.”

Sucralose is one of the worst offenders to avoid. Dr. Gioffre points out that “A study revealed that [sucralose] can reduce your healthy gut bacteria by up to 50%. The problem here, with other artificial sweeteners, is that β€œit’s not broken down during the digestion process, so it arrives in your large intestine fully intact; your gut bacteria feast on it and die. It also accumulates in your fat cells. .”

So if you love sweet coffee, what can you do to satisfy both your gut and your taste buds? Your best option, of course, is always to avoid the sweetener altogether, but if you really can’t handle a cup of unsweetened coffee, choosing natural options like monk fruit and coconut sugar is a good idea. .

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