Cases rise for 6th consecutive week

WRAL News received the latest data on COVID-19 and influenza in the region on Wednesday.

The data indicates that COVID-19 particles found in wastewater increased for the fifth straight week, up 27% week-over-week. Emergency room visits for COVID-19 symptoms are also up from a week ago.

Early Warning Indicator Data January 4, 2023

State-reported cases are up for the sixth straight week; however, they are six times lower than a year ago. Hospital admissions also rose from the previous week to 1,585, up more than 500 cases from the previous week.

COVID cases/hospitalizations per week January 4, 2023

On Tuesday, WakeMed reports that 50 patients are currently hospitalized with COVID in WakeMed’s 970-bed system. Eight of these 50 patients are in intensive care. Regarding influenza, WakeMed reported 275 positive influenza cases and nine influenza-related hospitalizations. WRAL has not received information regarding RSV from WakeMed.

COVID numbers continue to rise in the UNC health system. There are 320 hospitalizations for COVID-positive patients, up from 80 in mid-November. UNC Health officials are expecting this week, and the next one will give them a better idea of ​​what to expect over the next two months.

UNC hospitals confirmed they had about 85 confirmed flu cases, down from levels last week. They also confirmed having 34 cases of RSV.

UNC Rex Hospitals for the month of December recorded a total of 965 flu cases. Although this is a big jump from what was seen in December 2021, the volume started to decline towards the end of the month.

Duke has reported 706 confirmed cases of COVID through PHE surveillance data. Duke reported 34 lab-confirmed flu test PCR cases, up from 81 the previous week, and 32 RSV cases.

PHE Duke Watch January 4, 2023

Wake County testing sites have already become busier this week.

Lines have already formed again at testing sites around Wake County, and doctors said Wednesday’s new update will be a snapshot of the effects of the holiday season.

The new data will also help hospitals prepare for the weeks ahead. Throughout the pandemic, it was about 10 days after the gatherings that we saw cases increase, followed by hospitalizations.

A C reported more than 300 COVID-positive patients compared to 80 a month ago. Duke Health said influenza, RSV and other respiratory viruses were trending down, but COVID had risen sharply.

Wake County announced that more testing sites will open. They work with M.I Medical and Opt.

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